Tom Bradley and Jo Brown

Wallshots is a cottage business and was created by Jo Brown and Tom Bradley. We are located at 5635 Winlaw Bridge Road, Winlaw, British Columbia.

Tom is a Forest Technician and GIS Specialist by trade and has had a keen interest in photography for many years. He began shooting with film in about 1980 and made the change to digital in 2005. Jo began photography in 2008 and has studied digital darkroom editing since 2007. Since then has spents hundreds of hours learning the crafts of editing and printing. Jo operates the Printery services side of Wallshots.

We believe that an essential part of the art of photography (and appreciating it) is to consider what triggered the photographer to press the shutter. For us it starts with some kind of emotional response to what we are seeing. Once the shots is captured, the work done in the digital darkroom, the printing and the presentation processes are all designed to try to express the original emotional response. Ultimately though, each person perceives an image in their own individual way.

We exercise complete artistic control in the production of our prints - from capture to the digital darkroom and then on to printing, mounting and framing.


2010 - November. Cowan Office Supplies, Nelson, BC.

2010 - April. Sleep is for Sissies Eatery, Winlaw, BC.

2009 - May. Cedar Creek Cafe, WInlaw, BC.